Craniosacral TorontoYour body has the wisdom to heal itself. My role is to guide your body to remember this wisdom.

Hi, I’m Karishma. I’m an embodiment and quantum science geek, who loves that mainstream science is catching up with indigenous wisdom.

As your guide, I help your body get calm, communicate with itself better, and free up its energy—so you can feel your joys more fully and also have a greater ability to navigate your challenges.

I love working with people who are ready to transform from feeling stuck to vibrant and alive; through movement, stillness, and earth medicine.


Let’s do this, from the inside out.


Stuck or stagnant energy can be experienced as pain or grief. By helping your body to create space for things to move, I support you to safely reconnect with your innate health so that you can live with less pain and more resilience.

I believe that we cannot separate the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our experience. Often, what shows up in your body as physical pain is an expression of imbalance in another part of your body—or even an aspect of your life.

Illness or dis-ease is a disconnection. It can be from your body, emotions, or your inner truth. It is your body signalling an interruption in the flow of life force energy/prana/chi; a breath of life that is both a part of, and greater than, ourselves.


My mission


I was always one of the ‘smart kids’. My response to a difficulty was always, “How do I figure this out?” But, it turns out that there are some things you can’t think your way out of.

My mission is to help you get out of your head and into the present moment. To get in touch with your felt sense. To help your body remember how to reconnect the dots.

In this spaciousness, you can:

Say good-bye to chronic stress, anxiety and depression.

Be calmer, have more energy, better sleep and digestion, more creativity and focus.

Move out of living in survival mode, and move towards accessing your joy, with ease.


My approach


Personalized and holistic: Pranasacral is an integrated approach to your well-being. We start with a mind-body assessment so that everything we do together is tailored to your individual constitution and the personal ecosystem that is your life.

We are partners: I’m an empath, so I feel “all the feels”, but I’m also a pragmatist. And I don’t want your health and well-being to be dependent on anyone else! So, my wish is to share my skills and experience so that you can empower yourself. At the end of your session, you’ll get simple practices that you can take home. Personalized strategies, so you can begin to create a foundation to support yourself through the ebbs and flows of life.

I do this work because I’ve been there. And I figured out that I didn’t have to stay stuck. That the way out, is in. 

Now, I guide others by drawing on teachings that I have woven together in my own (ongoing!) journey, including intensive study and certification in craniosacral therapy, Yoga and Ayurveda, birth process work, developmental trauma, epigenetics and mindfulness. Plus, you get all my experience from my former life in public health research, coordinating community projects, and as an educator. 

I offer these medicines to you because I know they work: they have helped me to transform anxiety, pain and despair; they are what I draw on to create a life with more courage, resiliency and presence.


I’ll show you how.


Get in touch for a free 15-minute consultation in person or by phone. I am happy to answer your questions about how this approach can support you.

craniosacral toronto

What’s in my medicine bag


Radical compassion: My wish is to meet you as you are, in a way that is mindful, heart-centred and responsive to your needs. (This may be more uncomfortable than it sounds!)

Movement: Movement is life. Whether it is through yoga forms, or awareness of where energy is moving and where it is held.

Stillness: Stillness is dynamic. Through mindfulness, we can quiet the noise within and access our own answers.

Rhythm: The seasons and the tides. Our bodies and their cycles. Sound and silence.

Elements: My approach to supporting your constitution is grounded in the elemental guidance offered by Ayurveda, and I continue to deepen into the wisdom offered by plant and earth medicine.


{Questions? Read more about craniosacral therapy and other offerings, and check out the FAQs.}


We can be our own medicine.

We can be each other’s medicine.

craniosacral toronto


Karishma Kripalani MA, RCST®
Master of Arts (Honours) | Registered Craniosacral Therapist | Certified Yoga Teacher

Karishma is a compassionate and intuitive body-mind therapist whose approach emphasizes our relationships to ourselves, to each other, and to the natural world. Trained as a sociologist, she worked as a teacher and researcher before her own health challenges led her to embodiment and somatic practices. She has over 1000 hours of training in craniosacral and relational/attachment work, and many more in Yoga and Ayurveda. Karishma is a Teaching Assistant for Craniosacral therapy practitioner trainings in North America, and is currently completing a 2-year clinical training in healing developmental trauma. She shares yoga, mindfulness and creativity workshops to guide people home to their bodies.


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