BYOM: Be Your Own Medicine


We can be our own medicine. We can be each other’s medicine.

This group program shows you how.




Bringing together neuroscience + yogic wisdom,

we come together in community to support your nervous system with

body geometry (asana + mudra)

breath (pranayama)

sound (mantra)

+ elemental insights from Ayurveda.



We explore the amazing vagus nerve and how research findings on psychobiology can help us understand

what the heck is going on when your body/mind is freaking out

+ why exactly it is that these remedies work so well to calm + soothe

(don’t worry, I promise we explore this in a snack-sized, digestible way).



And we put it into practice together,

so that all of this goodness can settle into your cells + psyche.



These are medicines that I have used

–and continue to use–

in my own life.

They have supported me,

and so many people I have worked with, through hard times:



dealing with trauma symptoms

adrenal fatigue

and more.


This is not just about ways to cope.

This is about learning how you can reclaim your health + your self.

This is radical, transformative self-care

that has the power to re-shape your relationship with your body and your life

(because neuro-plasticity is real).



The focus of this program is simple:

to offer proven + accessible practices that you can easily incorporate into your day

to rest, repair and build resilience.



“I would recommend working with Karishma to anyone interested in personal exploration in a somatic way. Anyone who wants more than what’s usually offered at yoga studios.”






> Tell me more! 


I don’t want this to be another one of those things that you sign up to do, come to a few classes, and then forget all about it (we’ve both been there).

So, supported shifts:

I’m committed to this program meeting you where you are at.

Included is a 1-1 preparation session before we begin, as well as a 1-1 follow-through session to check-in, trouble-shoot and integrate after we finish.*

(*if you’d like further support, additional 1-1 sessions may be booked at a reduced rate during the program.)




“I’m coming back to Karishma’s workshop because she creates a space where you feel held and supported in your healing process.”





> Feel better your way 


You will:

++ Understand the neuro-biology of why you are feeling what you are feeling

++ Explore skills to soothe your nervous system through science + yoga

++ Identify what works for you, and what doesn’t, based on your constitution, personality and life story

++ Create a personalized medicine bag of simple and nourishing practices for life

that you can return to, again and again



Past participants say:

“I would recommend BYOM to everyone, and especially people who are feeling they need support to get re-balanced and find more ways to find resiliency practices in their everyday lives. I think I’m noticing a lot earlier when I’m getting off balance and needing to calm down and get re-centered. It has helped me a lot to notice when I’m getting stressed and where and that I am able to take a pause and try to do something to break the tension.”


 “I find it a lot easier to calm myself from an anxious or irritable mood. I do this by observing the sensations in my body. I feel less apprehensive about possible negative outcomes in life. Knowing what feels good/okay: I’ve gotten better at saying, ‘No, this is not okay, this makes me feel (X).’  I also have an improved ability to listen to my body’s messages and ACTUALLY honour them (lie down when I want to, leave a situation when I need to, etc).”
“I would recommend BYOM to anyone who has a desire to explore the mysteries of our bodies and our self-healing powers. Anyone who is at a point in their life when they are looking for answers to their chronic ailments with an open mind and lots of curiosity.”

> I’d love to share with you how to be your own medicine.

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