“What can I do in-between sessions?”


This is BY FAR the most frequent question I hear from clients.

For the first time, I’ve organized my favourite DIY healing strategies

into a powerful 6-week program.


> Say hello to BYOM


Bringing together neuroscience + yogic wisdom,

we will come together in community to support your nervous system with

body geometry (asana + mudra)

breath (pranayama)

sound (mantra)

+ lifestyle insights from Ayurveda.



We’ll talk a bit about how research findings on psychobiology can help us understand

what the heck is going on when your body/mind is freaking out

+ why exactly it is that these remedies work so well to calm + soothe

(don’t worry, I promise we’ll explore this in a snack-sized, digestible way).



And we are going to put it into practice together,

so that all of this goodness can settle into your cells + psyche

(because there are limits to what Google can do for you).



These are medicines that I have used

–and continue to use–

in my own life.

They have supported me, and so many people I have worked with, through hard times:



dealing with trauma symptoms

adrenal fatigue

and more.


This is not just about ways to cope.

This is about reclaiming your health + your self.

This is radical, transformative self-care

that has the power to re-shape your relationship with life

(because neuro-plasticity is real).



The focus of this program is simple:

to offer proven + accessible practices that YOU can easily incorporate into your day

to rest, repair and build resilience.


> Ready to be your own medicine? 

Join me for the trauma-informed BYOM series

Tuesday evenings, 6:30-8PM

May 16 to June 20

344 Bloor St West, #610



“I would recommend working with Karishma to anyone interested in personal exploration in a somatic way. Anyone who wants more than what’s usually offered at yoga studios.”






> Tell me more! 


I get it. You’re a busy bee.

But I don’t want this to be another one of those things that you sign up to do, come to a few classes, and then forget all about it (we’ve both been there).

So, supported shifts:

I’m committed to this program meeting you where you are at.

Included is a 1-1 preparation session before we begin, as well as a 1-1 follow-through session to check-in, trouble-shoot and integrate after we finish.*

(*if you’d like further support, additional 1-1 sessions may be booked at a reduced rate during the program.)


> Let’s break it down:


1 x 75-minute individual scaffolding session (preparation + craniosacral balancing)

6 x 1.5-hr weekly group nourishing + re-sourcing sessions of embodied learning

Weekly resources to deepen your learning

1 x 1-hr post-program individual integration session

1 x personalized treasure chest of healing and resilience practices,

New neural circuits through the embodied practices you will explore!


“I’m coming back to Karishma’s workshop because she creates a space where you feel held and supported in your healing process.”





> Feel better your way 


You will:

++ Understand the neuro-biology of why you are feeling what you are feeling

++ Explore skills to soothe your nervous system through science + yoga

++ Identify what works for you, and what doesn’t, based on your constitution, personality and life story

++ Create a personalized medicine bag of simple and nourishing practices for life

that you can return to, again and again



Registrations for the 2017 Spring session of BYOM are now closed.

Join the email list to be the first to know about the next round.



> Are you sure about this? 


The six group sessions aren’t going to look like your average yoga studio class (or what I imagine this is, it’s been a while tbh).

It’s going to be gentle (but that’s not always the same as easy).

This may go outside your comfort zone (and i’m not talking about overstretching your hamstrings).

*If you’ve never worked with me before, please schedule a free 15-minute appointment to be sure that this is the right program for you.



> The small print


All sales are final. There are no refunds or cancellations, so please be sure that you are all in before you register.

I get that life happens. If you find you cannot make it before the program begins, you may be able to transfer your registration to someone else (conditions apply).

Once we begin, there are no transfers. This group is limited to only 8 people. Each week builds on the previous week and there are no drop-ins once we begin, to maintain a container for the work we are doing.

Full payment is due before we begin, payment plans are available if needed.

You must book your individual scaffolding session before we meet as a group on May 16. Plan to book your closing individual session within a month after we finish.



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