Craniosacral Therapy


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What is Biodynamic Caniosacral Therapy?

BCST has its roots in cranial osteopathy, as developed by William Garner Sutherland. Osteopathy was founded by Andrew Taylor Still in the 1870s. Still was influenced by bone setting as practiced by the medicine people of the Shawnee Indians, and I honour these roots of the work I practice. In addition to deep understanding with anatomy and physiology, BCST is a practice of presence, deep listening and relationship with life. It is based on an understanding of life that is health-focused and affirms that health is always present.

craniosacral toronto

What does it help?


Because you are more than meets the eye, this work is holistic.

 Your mind, body and emotions are all supported.

By addressing the underlying challenge,

conditions and symptoms that respond well to craniosacral therapy include:

muscle and joint pain or injury
stress or anxiety
TMJ syndrome
birth trauma
neurological conditions

craniosacral toronto

How does it work?


When you feel stress or pain, your body goes into survival mode (remember fight, flight, or freeze?)

We will work together to allow your nervous system to settle. This allows your body to release restrictions, tension patterns and accumulated life experiences – so that your body can repair.

You will have less pain, better sleep and digestion, and, as your nervous system begins to work better, you will enjoy greater ease.

There’s more. Our life journeys are shaped by early imprints, which influence how we experience the world. Through this work, any unresolved attachment experiences that we might carry can be gently resolved and integrated.

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Pregnancy + Babies


I also offer a clinic for our teachers and wisdom-keepers: babies, children and elders. Craniosacral work is extremely gentle and recommended for pre- and post-natal care, and can support end-of-life processes.

Your little one is treated while being held by you, or the primary caregiver. Babies and children respond very rapidly to this work, and shorter appointment times are available.

For more information on the work, please see the FAQ page. If you have further questions, let’s chat.


craniosacral toronto





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