Pregnancy, Birth + Beyond


The journey of bringing life into this world is powerful and transformational. It is an honour for me to witness and support parents in this process.

My practice welcomes trans*, queer and gender nonconforming families.



Informed, therapeutic touch during pregnancy can offer the following benefits:

  • Preparation for birth through alignment and relaxation of the pelvis, and release of physical and emotional tension
  • Greater connection with your own body and your baby
  • More comfort by easing symptoms associated hormonal changes, including nausea, headaches and back pain

Regular sessions are a beautiful way to support your experience. Packages are available.



After the journey of birth, craniosacral therapy is invaluable for both you and baby:

  • Processing and integration of the strong physical forces and emotional experience of childbirth by settling both your and your baby’s nervous systems
  • Supports the body to return to balance and alignment (in particular, parent’s pelvis and baby’s cranial bones)
  • Eases emotional stress or baby’s separation trauma of the immediate post-birth experience

I support you and your baby to have a therapeutic session together, and soon after your birth journey. A joint session is powerful as baby’s nervous system is still connected to yours for some time after birth.

The fee for the initial parent+baby session is $150; thereafter I offer a discounted rate for 45-minute baby and infant sessions. Postnatal packages are also available; please contact me for home visits within the first 40 days after birth.


You are an intuitive and caring practitioner. You are gifted at your craft and I always felt you were deeply attentive during my treatments. I attribute the depth of transformation to these qualities and intentions that you shared with me. Of all the therapies I did, I truly believe it was your treatments that prepared me to conceive and successfully carry the pregnancy forward. Thank you so much!

– Sheila Batacharya, ON


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