I came to see you because my stress and anxiety levels were too high. I had reached a point where other forms of treatment (chiropractic and acupuncture) weren’t really working for me. Also, the physical discomfort from needles was causing me to feel extra stress, which wasn’t helping. I was interested in trying out a new type of treatment that had a more gentle approach.

I never knew that my body could respond so immediately and actively to gentle contact. The treatments also resolved physiological pains – my neck frequently gets painfully tight and after appointments the pain was significantly reduced. I like the resources you mention after the treatments and the check-ins. I also appreciate that you are able to fit me into your schedule when I am a mess!

Overall, since we started working together, I feel less anxiety on a day-to-day basis. I used to need to limit my time spent in public spaces and be home before 9pm. Now I don’t feel nearly as stressed in crowded public spaces and I can stay out late without having a meltdown. My ability to breathe into my diaphragm has also increased (I used to feel really restricted and tight when I tried to breathe that way).

I have recommended you to all of my friends. I think the work you do could help everyone.

– Sanju S., Office Manager, Toronto, ON

craniosacral torontoMy acupuncturist recommended that I see you. I was having intense neck pain and some emotional issues.

The experience of working with you was profound and powerful. I felt shifts in energy and mood right away. I think that things were released in these sessions that had been blocked, which I was unable to dislodge in any other way.

Since our work together, I haven’t had any neck pain! And I’ve been introduced to a new methodology of healing that I will use again.

– Michelle, Toronto, ON

craniosacral torontoI am in awe of the amazing results I have enjoyed resulting directly from your sessions with me. I’d been suffering this problem for four months, and then also the additional month when it became really very horrible, when we met. To go from such debilitating pain to an almost pain free state in such rapid time is simply incredible. To be unencumbered from chronic debilitating pain is glorious, uplifting and I feel immense gratitude to you and to all elements and energies that allowed such an outcome.

It’s pretty miraculous to be where I am now. I am so grateful!

– Jem Hollis,  Canterbury, UK


 craniosacral toronto

You are an intuitive and caring practitioner. You are gifted at your craft and I always felt you were deeply attentive during my treatments. I attribute the depth of transformation to these qualities and intentions that you shared with me. Of all the therapies I did, I truly believe it was your treatments that prepared me to conceive and successfully carry the pregnancy forward.

Thank you so much!

– Sheila Batacharya, ON

 craniosacral toronto

I have to say Karishma – your healing sessions are definitely having a profound effect on many aspects beyond the physical. It’s really helping to shift energies that have habit/ character patterns. Much gratitude for your offerings.

– Jay, Toronto, ON

 craniosacral toronto


I felt held during the sessions and afterwards felt more space in my mind and heart.

– Eshan Rafi, Artist



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