Transformation + letting go

Transformation and letting go

What do you think about what Anais Nin has to say about transformation and letting go? At first, I thought it was great but then, as I sat with it, I realised that I don’t quite agree.

Let me explain.

We all know what it feels like when something feels less than marvellous. Forced, perhaps. It may be a big piece such as a job, a relationship, a commitment, or it may be a conflict that arises as we move through our day. Either way, it doest feel so good. We tense up. Our breathing becomes shallow.

Our body is always telling us things, if we know how to listen.

Start by slowing down.

Can you acknowledge the sensations of stuckness, pain or restriction?

Allow it.
Soften your jaw.
Be curious.

Can you be vulnerable to sensation and open to it rather than pull back?

When we are present to our experience, we can come closer to understanding what is really going on. Can you name the sensations as resistance? Can you recognize what is under the resistance, aversion, or anger? Perhaps it is fear, or pain.

There can be great power in naming our experience.

When we acknowledge and name our thoughts and emotions, we take a step back. This does not mean that we are no longer feeling what we are feeling, but it does mean that we are no longer lost in it. To name the thought or emotion, we have to shift our awareness: I am not the fear or sadness or pain, but I am having an uncomfortable experience.

I can accept that I am having certain thoughts, a particular experience.

What is under the resistance? What belief am I tied to? What outcome am I attached to?

Can you sit with it quietly, without pulling away or switching off?

When we sit with discomfort, and notice what needs are not being met or what beliefs are not in alignment with the situation, something shifts.

In this easing up, comes a letting go and a settling. A marvellous settling, even, that creates space for another experience. It is through this easing up that transformation becomes possible.

This is why I’m not so sure about the quotation above. I think I’ve got my own twist on transformation.

Anything I let go, can transform into something marvellous.

Thanks, Anais.



  • Focus on the exhalation. Make it slow and long. Visualise yourself breathing out the tension that has been created internally.
  • If you are feeling a lot of heat, you can punch a pillow, or push against a wall.
  • Ask yourself: Is it true? Why do you feel you have to do it this way? Whose beliefs or rules are you following?


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