You’re here because you’re ready for transformation.


You know that popping a pill to numb your symptoms is not the answer.

Maybe you’re tired of being passed from one specialist to the next, all promising to fix you.

Or your heart is whispering it’s tired of being trapped by the past, or afraid of the future.

It feels like you’ve tried everything… but you are still looking.


Ready for something radical?


Non-invasive, personalized change from within.



You are not broken. You do not need to be fixed.

You are the expert of your own body.

Not sure what that means? Don’t worry.


I will be your guide.


I will listen to your body’s story

– to get to the source of physical and emotional symptoms

– to find the places that are stuck

– to guide you to a place of rest and reconnection.


Re-source deeply so you can live fully.



When I first came to see you, I was taking up to 4 Advils a day. I had trouble sleeping through the night because of the pain. After 2 craniosacral appointments and 3 private yoga sessions, I hardly have to take Advils.

I feel a huge change from the way I felt last winter, when my pain was getting so uncomfortable that I worried about how debilitated I would become over time. You have made a big difference! Thank you! 

– Beata Voros, Dentist, Toronto.


Transformation through movement and stillness

If you 

  • are tired of feeling stressed or depressed, and want to re-source in a holistic way
  • are looking for care that is personalized
  • want to understand your body’s messages

If you understand that 

  • your body is an energetic system
  • healing is a process
  • this isn’t about taking a vacation from your life but about transforming your every day

If you are looking for

  • a deeper relationship with your body and your self
  • clarity and alignment with your path
  • ways to create daily health and connection

… then I would love for you to read on about how we can work together.


Ancient medicine meets modern understandings

of neuroscience and the psychology of trauma and resilience.



Ready to book?

Online Body Wisdom sessions are offered at $120 (HST included)

If cost is a barrier, please contact me for information on a Community Care spot.

Book here.


> Questions? Read more about craniosacral therapy and my approach to yoga.

> Wondering about the effectiveness of this work for you? Check out the FAQs.

> If you would like to chat about your needs, contact me.

After two sessions with you, my pain is 90% better… I’m talking about your wonderful touch to everyone who may need it.

– Katy Ghanai, Toronto


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