Body Wisdom Sessions

Body Wisdom sessions


I was surprised by the depth of emotion that I was able to access and the clarity that I was able to see in Karishma’s presence. She held the space for me so lovingly and openly that I felt safe and secure while digging deeper than I probably ever have.


~ J.S. (online session)craniosacral toronto

The Body Wisdom session is a talk-based session. I use somatic/energetic tracking and mindful inquiry to guide your exploration into what is at the root of your challenge, or feeling of stuckness.

My role as your guide is to support your connection with your innate wisdom and potential, so that you can find your own answers.

craniosacral toronto

Here’s a description from someone who has worked with me using a primarily non-touch approach:

I came to see Karishma after experiencing months of extreme anxiety before bed. I struggled to fall asleep and woke up several times during the night from nigthmares.

As a result of working with Karishma, my sleep has become restful again. 

In session with Karishma, I am able to turn my attention to pain and negative emotions that I have consistently tried to bury. The sessions serve as a reminder of how to listen to my body and how to be with what comes up. I leave the sessions feeling lighter and more connected to my body, and most importantly, Karishma has guided me towards using these tools to thrive in my day to day life.

Karishma is a deep listener. I keep going back to see her because I know I can trust that no matter what comes up in the session, she will help me uncover the tool or wisdom I need to get back to health.

~ Christina R., law student 

craniosacral toronto

Body Wisdom sessions are currently offered at the special rate of $108.

Book online.*


*Please note that these sessions do not constitute psychotherapy, and are not a substitute for qualified mental health support.


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